Dessert Tables & Favours

Wedding dessert tables are proving more and more popular and for good reason! They’re beautiful and they’re filled with a wide range of treats that tantalise every guest’s taste buds. From cupcakes to cookies to macarons to sweets and more, dessert tables offer a spread of goodies that guests can graze on throughout the day or evening. Your dessert table can be matched to almost anything - your bridesmaid's dresses, the venue, your stationery or even if you have one, a theme.

Why Have a Dessert Table?

CHOICE - It offers you and your guests choice and can cater for everyones different tastes. It also allows you to include anyone with special dietary needs.

MONEY-SAVING - You might want to consider a dessert table as your wedding breakfast dessert and your cake rolled into one. Different dessert options will allow for differing budgets, which could be more cost effective per head than an elaborate tiered wedding cake.

SOCIAL Inviting your guests to go to a dessert table and help themselves gets people excited, talking and interacting, at the same time as enjoying what’s on offer.

FOCAL POINT - You want your wedding to stand out as your special day, to be memorable for you and your guests. A dessert table offers just that, a special one-of-a-kind offering that will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

What Are the Options?

We have a selection of dessert packages available as well as individual options if you only want one or two extra items to go with your main cake. Below are just a small selection of the treats on offer, but please get in touch for a full list and prices. Many of these items are also available as favours and can be packaged in boxes or cellophane wrapping with ribbon and labels colour-coordinated with your wedding.


Iced Cookies

These can be decorated to match your cake or wedding colour scheme.



Available in different flavours and colours to coordinate with your wedding theme.



Decorated with a buttercream swirl or fully iced.


1 Tier Cakes

Buttercream, naked, semi-naked or even drip cakes with decoration.


Mini Donuts

Mini baked donuts covered in a white or coloured glaze.



Available in different flavours and colours. Can be used as favours or as a macaron tower

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