We believe that not only should your cake look stunning, but that it should taste delicious too, which is why we have a huge selection of mouth-watering flavours to tempt you.

All our cakes are made with fresh, high quality ingredients - premium flour, free range eggs, Belgian chocolate and the finest luxury fondant. Our fondant cakes are coated in a thin layer of white chocolate ganache which helps create those amazing sharp edges and a strong structure, plus it tastes delicious too! Our buttercream wedding cakes also have a thin layer of ganache under the buttercream to help with stability.

If you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies please let us know. Whilst every effort is taken to reduce cross contamination, our cakes are baked in an environment where gluten, dairy, soya, eggs and nuts are present, and therefore traces may still be present.

BAILEYS  - Chocolate sponge / Baileys buttercream.

Chocolate sponge layered with Baileys buttercream. (Contains alcohol).

BANOFFEE - Banana sponge / chocolate & caramel buttercream.

A light banana sponge filled with caramel and chocolate buttercream.

BISCOFF - Brown sugar sponge / Biscoff buttercream / Biscoff crumbs.

A brown sugar sponge filled with a Biscoff buttercream and Biscoff crumbs.

Black Forest

Chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream and cherry jam.

CARROT - Spiced carrot cake / orange buttercream / walnuts (optional).

A moist cake with spices, orange zest and optional walnuts. Filled with a zesty orange buttercream.

CHOCOLATE - Chocolate sponge / chocolate buttercream

Rich chocolate sponge  layered with lightly whipped chocolate buttercream.

CHERRY BAKEWELL - Almond sponge / vanilla buttercream / cherry jam.
Cherry Bakewell

Light almond sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and cherry jam (contains nuts).

COCONUT & LIME - Coconut sponge / lime buttercream / lime curd.
Coconut & Lime

A fluffy coconut sponge, layered with a zesty lime buttercream and lime curd.

COFFEE - Coffee sponge / coffee buttercream / walnuts (optional)

Coffee sponge with optional walnuts and layered with a coffee buttercream.

JAFFA - Vanilla sponge / chocolate buttercream / orange curd.

A vanilla sponge filled with an orange curd and chocolate buttercream.

LEMON - Lemon sponge with a lemon buttercream and tangy lemon curd.

A lemon sponge,  layered with a tangy lemon buttercream and lemon curd.

ELDERFLOWER & LEMON - Lemon sponge / elderflower buttercream / lemon curd.
Lemon & Elderflower

A lemon sponge layered with a floral elderflower buttercream and lemon curd.

MARBLE - Vanilla & chocolate marble sponge / chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate and vanilla sponge swirled together and layered with a chocolate buttercream.

OREO - Chocolate sponge / vanilla buttercream / crushed Oreos.

A rich chocolate sponge with Oreo cookie pieces, layered with vanilla buttercream and crushed Oreo's.

PASSIONFRUIT & WHITE CHOCOLATE - Vanilla sponge with a white chocolate buttercream and tangy passion fruit curd.
Passionfruit & White Chocolate

A vanilla sponge with white chocolate buttercream and a punchy passionfruit curd.

PEANUT BUTTER CUP - Chocolate sponge with a smooth peanut butter buttercream.
Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate sponge with a smooth peanut butter buttercream.

RED VELVET - Red coloured cake with buttermilk and a hint of chocolate / vanilla  buttercream.
Red Velvet

A red coloured cake with buttermilk and a hint of chocolate, filled with a vanilla  buttercream.

SALTED CARAMEL - Chocolate sponge / salted caramel buttercream.
Salted Caramel

A chocolate sponge filled with a salted caramel buttercream.

VANILLA - Vanilla sponge / vanilla buttercream / strawberry jam.

Moist vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam.

WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY - Vanilla sponge / white chocolate buttercream / raspberry jam.
White Chocolate & Raspberry

Vanilla sponge with a white chocolate buttercream and  raspberry jam.

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